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Creator Of 'The The P.r.e.t.t.y Skin Hub'

Hi, I’m Pixie Dee, an experienced Counsellor and a Mentor specialising in Holistic Wellness & Meditation, Therapeutic Massage, and health (specifically Skin). My achievements in the industry have made me a pacesetter with amazing contributions. After almost 7 years of dealing with adult cystic acne without relief or result even after expensive doctors, specialists, dermatologists, and trying all sorts of acne product including Chinese medicine, I made the decision to do my own research not knowing the answer would only come after my world was crushed having lost almost all social connections, my confidence, personal relationship, and my career at the time. Obsessed with healing, I logged everything I did and turned it into my business. I haven’t looked back since!
Serving in my professional capacity, I leverage the wisdom of my learned and acquired knowledge and skills to help those whose lives would be enriched by it. I now share my wisdom with so many others that suffer from skin conditions that are already exhausted because nothing seems to be working. In 2021 I started The Pretty Skin Hub, a business dedicated to helping teenage girls and adult women with their skin conditions. Specialising in Rosacea, Psoriasis, Acne, and Eczema, among others. I have written programs to help my soul clients achieve their results, alongside programs that use a holistic view. This follows my belief in the fact that skin issues are a manifestation of many personal factors, including self-value, self-love, our connection to our purposes, and our emotional chemistry. 
Tapping from my expertise in the health field, I am cognisant of the fact that our lifestyles also play a role in the appearance of our skin. With this in mind, I strive to help my soul clients achieve a clean lymphatic system so the body can filter its natural metabolic waste. My services are packaged into a beautiful and rare program that are delivered through one-on-one mentoring and group mentoring models. I have also written a book called 'Adult Acne to Pretty Skin', which is a testament of how possible it is to move from hopelessness to beauty. 
A game changer in my field, I have built a brand founded upon principles of self-love and true-expression. With deep industry knowledge, coupled with a detail-oriented approach and warm support. I live in integrity as a leader who lives what she preaches and healed her own debilitating skin condition. With the promise of helping to heal your skin and find your purpose as long as you stay the course. Serving my clients I carefully take them on a journey that leads to healing, patiently helping them discover who their higher self is along the way. My goal is to help them go from feeling stuck and lost to feeling liberated. 
Outside working, I am a country girl to the core with an unparalleled love for nature. I met my beautiful soul partner who is my best friend 5 years ago. I am also a mum to 2 kelpies named Ruby and Pud, and 1 amazing kitty-cat named Mog. With the belief that people are the root and foundation of our communities; to build strong communities, we must fortify the root! This is my motivation towards helping women and girls by sharing the wisdom of stepping into our higher selves.



Want to be a part of something much larger then yourself, to contribute in making someone's life happier? To make sure they are safe, warm, fed, and loved? 

With each purpose made to The P.R.E.T.T.Y Skin Hub, $5 of your funds goes straight to PetRescue, to help rescue our fur family!

PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity with a vision of a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. The not-for-profit organisation delivers free pet search and adoption services to thousands of pet lovers every day.

Since the PetRescue website launched in 2004, it's been the first connection for more than half a million rescue pets and their new families. Today, PetRescue’s free programs and services help millions of Australians discover the joy of adopting a new family member and help more than 950 rescue organisations, shelters, and pounds save the lives of thousands of rescue pets. "We thank you for helping put a warm smile on our pets faces"

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"I work with you to go from feeling burnt out, empty and no results to fully expressed through P.R.E.T.T.Y (what you are Passionate about, focus on what makes you feel Rich inside, find your magnificence and start to Thrive, and Transcend into Your higher self) whilst mastering your health (through natural remedies) and roar self-awareness."  Pixie Dee 

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